About Tasko

Based out of: St. Petersburg
Tasko is a graffiti writer from St. Petersburg. Having practiced his art for over 15 years, he is best known for his unique style of lettering that explodes with color. Working with spray paint has always been his main medium. Tasko’s work can be seen throughout the state of Florida.
The title of this mural is St. Pete by Jacob Lee, known as “Tasko.”

The address, 4139 7th Terrace South, will get you close. This is one of several murals just North of that building, facing the Pinellas Trail.

The mural takes up the entire wall, 23 feet high and 65 feet long. The background is aqua blue. Most of the wall spells out “St Pete” in vibrant graffiti letters. Each letter is a different style and color, so abstract that they look more like wildly colored shapes, than words. They’re painted in 3-D, as if they’re coming out of the wall.

The S is a deep sky blue, with white clouds, outlined in yellow and shadowed by deep green. The top-right tip of the S points up, and is notched like an arrowhead.

The T is angled to the right, in straight, chiseled 3-D pink.

There’s a period under the T, in sun-yellow.

The P is rounded, and simpler, the colors changing in a gradient from white at the top to dark green at the bottom, shadowed by dark blue.

To the right of that, the first E in Pete is sharp and angular, vibrant orange shadowed by shades of blue. The top angles up. The bottom swoops up from the ground.

After that, the T in Pete is a tropical green scrawl, shadowed by brilliant blue. The horizontal line across the T is angular and bulbous. The vertical line veers to the right.

The last E is angled to the right, with blocky straight edges. It’s painted a purplish blue shadowed by orange, the inverse of the colors of the first E.

Behind and around the letters are splotches of orange and blue, and wavy lines of yellow and green.

Tasko’s goal was to help people see graffiti in a more positive way, to see the artistic nature of the style instead of simply labeling it vandalism.

He explains, “I start with a basic letter structure and flesh it out like someone would when they draw a person. But with graffiti letters, there are no boundaries. The best thing is the freedom.”
Tasko’s work can be seen throughout Florida.

Title: St. Pete

Address: 4139 7th Terrace S

Building: Pinellas Trail

Installation Date: 2018