SPAA Summer RetreatsVoice & Vision for Performing Arts

SPAA Summer Retreats for the Performing Arts bring together local artists and arts leaders within their specific field to develop a unified vision for the growth and impact of the performing arts with the support and collaboration of the St Pete Arts Alliance. Each Retreat explores the role & function of key priorities and initiatives in the St Pete’s Comprehensive Arts Strategy, and allows SPAA to elevate local performing artists and performing arts organizations.


For SPAA staff and leadership to Listen, Learn, and Collaborate with artists and organizations, so we can more actively strengthen their presence and influence in St Petersburg.

To provide a place and process for connection and collaboration among artists and organizations in St Pete, maximizing impact and support for each specific field within the arts community.

2022 Summer

The first series of SPAA Summer Retreats kick off July 26, 2022. All performing artists and professionals in St Pete are invited to attend! Click here for details