Chenlin Cai

About Chenlin Cai

Based out of: Philadelphia
Chenlin Cai is a visual artist lives in Philadelphia. Cai received his MFA from two world-renowned universities in fine arts, the Tsinghua University in China and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Cai is a Commissioner at Pennsylvania Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs from 2022-2023.
The James Museum partners with Chenlin Cai to create a mural for the SHINE Mural Festival that is an extension of The James Museum's special exhibition From Far East to West: The Chinese American Frontier to highlight the resiliency and self-determination of Chinese Americans who helped build the American West. Cai's work explores the dichotomy between the two cultures he inhabits, this project speaks to identity and community and how the past can impact the present.

Title: The Path We Came

Address: 1927 4th Ave S

Building: Lantmännen Unibake

Installation Date: 2023